After 14 years focused on my own entrepreneurial projects, I think it's time to start sharing my experience with other founders. I believe that's another way of entrepreneurship, since that allows me to spread my ideas through different sectors.

Here you have a list of the companies I'm advising or have advised in the past.

Undisclosed name (Pharmaceutical industry)

The startup developes machine learning methodologies and helps the phamaceutical sector to optimize the supply chain.


It's a mobile-based start-up offering rewards in exchange for solving some challenges. It is still at a really early stage, not in the market yet. As an advisor, I'm helping defining their product and business model.

VL Player

It's an Android multimedia player app with some cool extra features. I help with growth and the monetization strategy.

I can help your start-up with...

  • Product definition
  • Business model
  • Viability and Financial Analysis
  • Find the right technology
  • Internationalization
  • Business processes

Need to contact me?

You can send me a message using this form. But you should know that I'm the worst with emails. Find me on LinkedIn in case you want to talk business...


Samsung if possible!


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