I guess I've been an entrepreneur since I was a little kid. I started programming software with my Amstrad computer when I was 7. I always loved to invent and create my own stuff. But it was 2003 the year that I became a professional entrepreneur. Since then, it's been a sometimes hard, sometimes great time. Such an amazing journey!


My biggest project, the one that made me move to Silicon Valley. It is the project that takes 90% of my time. A DIY mobile app builder with more than 1.1M registered publishers from more than 240 countries.

Anyplays Games

My first company! It was a mobile videogame company, and I mean for J2ME phones (those old Nokias). Born in 2004 with no money at all and 2 years after that, we hit $500K yearly revenue.

Birrastorming Ideas

Birrastorming is my home based lab that I use to test and learn new technologies in the mobile industry so I can transfer that knowledge to my other projects. This project helps paying my bills. A profitable business from the first day of business, back in 2010.

More to come...

I have great ideas ready to be transformed into businesses. What I don't have is the time to make them real. But I'm sure some of them will come true before 2020.

Need to contact me?

You can send me a message using this form. But you should know that I'm the worst with emails. Find me on LinkedIn in case you want to talk business...


Samsung if possible!


Yesterday San Francisco (USA),
today Valencia (Spain),
not sure about tomorrow!