Cooking (Paella)

Cooking is one of my passions I keep from chilhood. I'm pursuing the perfect Paella, one of the most famous dishes from Spain, originally from the region of my hometown: Valencia. Cooking Paella is a social event and that makes it magical.

Sports: Golf, Swimming, Cycling, ...

I know what you're thinking: "How can this fatty love sports?" Well, I admit that being an entrepreneur makes me fat. I hope in the near future I can find some time to practice my fav sports again.

Software development

Should this be in another place? Well, programming is a hobby for me. I started programming when I was 7. I hate to do it as a job, but I enjoy to do some coding at home while everyone sleeps.

Need to contact me?

You can send me a message using this form. But you should know that I'm the worst with emails. Find me on LinkedIn in case you want to talk business...


Samsung if possible!


Yesterday San Francisco (USA),
today Valencia (Spain),
not sure about tomorrow!