Anyplays Games (Movilenio)

Anyplays was a videogame development company for feature phones. It was a bootstrapped company, born in 2003 (officially in 2004). We were one of the first J2ME game companies in Europe and our games hit the rankings in most of the European mobile carriers like Vodafone, 3, T-Mobile, etc.

Anyplays was my first company, so I officially became a professional entrepreneur. I spent such a great time working 18 hours a day during 4 years, surrounded by a team of high skilled software developers and graphic designers.

I learnt great lessons. I found out success, going from $0 to $500K revenue in just 2 years. But I also made a lot of newbie-mistakes and I learnt a lot from those.

The mobile gaming industry in those years wasn't a bed of roses. There was a fierce competition for gaining position through the distribution channels (mobile carrier portals). And because of that, in 2008 we discontinued the company, we didn't have enough fuel to keep that competition.

Industries: mobile, gaming

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