Birrastorming Ideas

Birra (italian for beer) Storming is my family's home based tech lab.

My wife and I, beer in hand, love to start a storm of ideas that could become profitable businesses. Our kids help (milk for them) offering their simplistic view of life.

Most of those ideas are mobile-app-based. Since 2010, we've developed dozens of apps and small games for Android devices. The company has been profitable since the day it started.

At the end of the day, Birrastorming brings these things to my life:

  • It is a test lab, so I learn about app monetization and other technologies and take that knowledge to my other projects like Mobincube.
  • It helps pay our home bills.
  • We're trying to build an incubator for future projects. Some of which might become successful start-ups in the future ;)

Industries: mobile apps, advertising, VR, gaming

Need to contact me?

You can send me a message using this form. But you should know that I'm the worst with emails. Find me on LinkedIn in case you want to talk business...


Samsung if possible!


Yesterday San Francisco (USA),
today Valencia (Spain),
not sure about tomorrow!